What a Wonderful World

World Santa Claus congress meets in Copenhagen

One hundred and twenty Santa Clauses from around the world met this autumn in the Danish capital for their 40th annual convention. The agenda for the three-day event included key issues such as when Christmas should be held this year. After much debate the red-nosed and jolly Santas decided, unanimously, that December 24 should be designated as Christmas Eve. Observant readers might notice that this is the same day as last year, and the one before, and the one before that. But never mind.

"We also call for international rules to create special flight paths so we can deliver presents without being bothered by low-flying aircraft," Ole Lundsgaard, a Danish Santa - or Juleman in Danish - told a room full of cheering Father Christmases and merry elves.

On the second day of the convention Amando Narciso became an 'official Santa' after the assembly approved of his nice new red outfit. The Italian Father Christmas swore that he would abide by the rules that govern all Santas, including the one about not drinking alcohol when driving a sledge and six reindeer. "You cannot be a good Santa if you smell of beer or wine," said Amando, merrily. "Ho, ho, ho," said the other Santas in agreement.