Saving Asia' s Green Turtles

The Sandakan fishmarket on the east coast of the Malaysian state of Sabah, Borneo, always boasts a huge variety of marine life on sale. Every day, fish, crabs, prawns and squids are brought to the stalls, ready for a buyer. Sometimes you might even catch some vendors selling pingpongballsized eggs eggs laid by the green turtle. These eggs are very rare and always sell out quickly, even though they are sold at RM$1 (current rate US$1.00=RM$3.80) each, an expensive price for a mere egg. Unfortunately, the huge demand also means that the survival of the green turtle is threatened./p>

Protecting the nests

Just forty kilometres away from Sandakan, Kasitah Karim checks on a green turtle nest and then, satisfied, continues with his patrol of the tiny island of Pulau Selingan. As the island' s park ranger, his duty is to ensure the green turtles are protected.

Jenne Lajiun-Hejnowska

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