Letters to the Editors

"I always read your magazine with great interest and curiosity. I think the idea of translating difficult words is really perfect, because reading in English now makes sense. You have an ideal way of connecting pleasure with purpose" Katarzyna Surowiec, Lublin

Dear Sirs,
I'd like to tell you that I like your magazine very much. It has very interesting articles and stories. However, an extra magazine - the one for teenagers - which was inside the last few issues, is missing. There were a lot of good games, which came in handy during lessons - at school and in private. In my opinion it should be brought back. Another column that was frequent in the magazine was the one with idioms and phrasal verbs and their different uses, as well as quotations of what famous people said. As far as the tests are concerned, they are very well chosen. Exercises help children develop their ability to think logically and, at the same time, learn new words and expressions. Maybe you could start including examples of tests for different levels (even as a competition) like FCE, CAE or even Proficiency. It also might be a good idea to introduce some topics for composition from previous tests (rather not as a competition, but just to give a taste of what people might come across during the exam). The Letters to the Professor are really good. Even an experienced teacher can still learn a lot from them. Have a good day.
Artur Trokowski, via Internet

[Ed.] Thank you for your comments. The 14 for teens magazine to which you referred is no longer published because we are now producing other materials for younger learners, such as Nursery Rhymes... In this issue you will find the first of a series of articles we will be running on Cambridge Exams. In future issues we plan to publish example questions with advice on how to answer them.

"I have been your reader for a long time and always regarded you as one of the most interesting magazines in English available on the Polish market. I am particularly happy to find so much 'real life' on your pages..." Agnieszka Odzioba, Szczecin