How European Are You?

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Well, here is your chance to find out by taking part in our Great European Union Accession Quiz. Answer all the questions below and send them in to us without delay. Details of how to enter are given at the end of the quiz.

1. How many stars appear on the European Union flag?
a. 9 b. 12 c. 15 d. 25

2. Who composed the EU anthem, Ode to Joy?
a. Mozart b. Beethoven c. Bach d. Jean Michele Jarre

3. Where is the European Parliament building situated?
a. Brussels b. the Hague c. Strasburg d. Paris

4. When are the next elections scheduled for the European Parliament?
a. May 2004 b. May 2005 c. June 2004 d. September 2004

5. Who is the President of the European Parliament?
a. Romano Prodi b. Bertie Ahern c. Valery Giscard D'Estaing d. Pat Cox e. Arnold Swarzenegger

6. How many people (before May 1 2004) live inside the European Union?
a. 250 million b. 310 million c. 370 million d. 450 million

7. Which organisation is not part of the European Union?
a. European Commission b. European Council c. Council of Europe

8. In what year did Ireland join the EU?
a. 1959 b. 1973 c. 1986 d. 1991

9. In which year was the Treaty of Rome, which created the EU (then called the European Economic Community) signed?
a. 1950 b. 1957 c. 1965 d. 1973

10. Which nation did not sign the Treaty of Rome?
a. France b. West Germany c. United Kingdom d. Belgium e. Luxemburg f. Netherlands g. Italy

11. Spain and Portugal joined the EU in ...?
a. 1973 b.1986 c. 1990 d. 1991

12. In which year was the Maastricht Treaty signed?
a. 1961 b. 1981 c. 1992 d. 2003

13. How many countries currently use the Euro as their currency?
a. 9 b. 10 c. 11. d. 12

14. Which of the following is a genuine EU law?
a. Bananas must not be excessively curved
b. The EU is spending L36 million to encourage people to buy cut flowers and potted plants
c. Pizzas must measure at least 11 inches in diameter
d. The smallest inshore fishing boat must carry 620 items of medical equipment

15. What does EMU stand for?
a. European Manufacturing Union
b. European Metric Unit
c. Ecole de Medecin Urogenitale
d. Economic and Monetary Union

16. Which current member of the EU once ruled an Empire including 4 of the new accession states?
a. United Kingdom b. Austria c. France d. Germany

17. Currently, the presidency of the EU is rotated every...?
a. 3 months b. 6 months c. 1 year d. 18 months

18. What is the name of the Commissioner responsible for enlargement?
a. Mario Monti b. Romano Prodi c. Gunther Verheugen

19. Which country will have the greatest number of deputies in the EU parliament after enlargement?
a. Poland b. Czech Republic c. Malta

20. The European Central Bank is situated in which city?
a. London b. Paris c. Frankfurt d. Milan