There are many uses of the word 'back'. We have selected the most common compound words and phrases used in everyday conversation to help you understand their meanings.

BACKBREAKER - any work or job which causes backaches, such as moving furniture, digging in the garden, etc. " Carrying bricks for the new barbecue was a real backbreaker ." Also," Carrying bricks was real backbreaking work."

BACKLOG - a build-up or accumulation of something, usually work. " When Harry returned to the office after a week's sick leave, he had a huge backlog of work."

BACKER - one who supports another person, project or idea often by giving financial assistance." We've found a great backer for the art exhibition."

BACKSLAPPER - person who slaps others on the back, who is too friendly." John is very friendly, but sometimes he can be a bit of a backslapper ."

BACKSEAT DRIVER - a passenger in a car who gives instructions and directions on how to drive." My mother-in-law is the world's greatest backseat driver and just can't stop telling me what to do."

BACK-TO-BACK - adjacent and touching backs." The duellers stood back-to-back before they started to walk ten paces in opposite directions."

BACKBONE - (a) the spine, the column of bones called vertebrae running up the middle of the back of humans and many animals. (b) In informal language it can be used to refer to the strongest or most important part of an organization, project, etc." Publishing is the backbone of the company's business."

BACKWATER - a town or place far away from the main cities." He lives in a backwater town and likes the peace and quiet there."

BACKFIRE - (a) a loud noise made by a car when the engine is not working properly, (b) when a plan has the opposite result to that which was intended." The plan to deliver weapons to the rebels backfired when the truck was captured by the government army."

BACKSTAB or BACKBITE - to say nasty things about an absent person or persons." That new club member backstabbed our treasurer for no apparent reason."

BACKTALK (Am) or BACKCHAT (Br) - when a child rudely talks back to an adult when told to do something." I'm firm with my children and do not tolerate any backtalk from them at any time."

BACKGROUND - (a) the distant part of a landscape, picture, etc., (b) an seemingly unimportant place or position, (c) the whole of one's upbringing, experience, etc., (d) in films, plays, etc. music or sound affects used as an accompaniment to dialogue or action. (a)" The background was so pale that it only enhanced the women on the terrace." (b)" Although he seems to be in the background , the boss always listens to what he says." (c)" She has a different background to the rest of us - her family is extremely rich." (d)" Speilberg's films always have fantastic background music and sound effects."

BACKSIDE - informal, the part of your body that you sit on. " When his father caught him stealing the neighbour's apples, he got a few strong slaps on his backside ."

BACKSTROKE - (a) a style of swimming on one's back, (b) a stroke backward, backhanded stroke." Kelly is our best backstroke swimmer and wins most of the medals for our club."

BACKSTAGE - behind the stage in a theatre, behind the scenes in a company, organization." We know about what we can see, but what do you think is happening backstage ?"

*The title is a commonly used phrase which means 'coming back in a bigger, more powerful way than before'. Vengeance - revenge (zemsta)