20 Questions

I thought it would be fun to take a humorous look at everyday life issues in the United States and ask the question made famous by many 4-year-olds: Why? Why? Why? So why ask why? Why not?! Even if the answers are obvious to us, even if the questions themselves are wrong (some of us love the taste of cough syrup, for example: see below) kids will always ask why. The following is my Top 20:

1. Why does a gallon of bottled water cost more than a gallon of gas?

2. Why are political elections in the U.S. always held in the middle of the week, when everyone is working?

3. Why does it cost more for the popcorn and soda than it does for the movie?

4. Why isn't teaching the highest paid profession rather than sports and entertainment?

5. Why can't we make better weather forecasts?

6. Why can't you find any television show you want to watch on over 100 cable TV channels?

7. Why don't we build new roadways when we build new homes?

8. Why does airline food still taste awful?

9. Why can't you buy beer at supermarkets in all 50 U.S. states?

10. Why can't we develop a diet that will keep the pounds off forever?

11. Why can't we manage to create any new games with a deck of 52 playing cards?

12. Why can't we compose any new popular Christmas carols?

13. Why do we try to make portable toilets more enticing by giving them cute names like "Potty Queen" ?

14. Why can't we develop cough medicine that tastes good?

15. Why can't we get rid of weeds and cockroaches?

16. Why can't we develop painless dental work for tooth repair?

17. Why does the express lane at the supermarket always have the longest line?

18. Why does a box of sugary cereal cost over $4.00?

19 Why haven't we invented a light bulb that will never burn out?

20. Why can't you win money as fast as losing it in a casino?

Bill Piszek